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NEW online Scheduling System is in the works and COMING SOON!  In the meantime, please use our usual 3-step scheduling process:

Our Indoor Lessons facility operates from October through the end of May.

All private lessons are half-hour (30-minute) lesson slots

— You can choose as many lessons as you’d like, from quantity one (1) to …….however many you’d like to reserve!
— Siblings CAN share Lesson Packages
— Only (1) Student per half-hour lesson
— Only (1) Discipline per half-hour lesson


To schedule multiple lessons, please follow the 3-step process below! (the entire scheduling process is handled via email).  If you need help with scheduling, please let us know!

STEP 1:   Go to our Viewable Lesson Calendar and click on your preferred Instructor’s Calendar to open and view it.  You will have to decide which instructor SCHEDULE and DISCIPLINE best fits your needs.  NOTE:  Instructor disciplines/specialties (hitting, fielding, pitching, etc.) are listed in parenthesis next to their name on the instructor calendar list.  Certain instructors are only available on certain weeknights.  Browse the instructor calendar and choose which of their “OPEN” slots you would like to tentatively reserve for private lessons.

STEP 2:   List these preferred (tentative) date & time slots in a new email and send it to us for approval.  (these instructions are also listed on the individual instructor calendars).  PLEASE BE PRECISE ON EXACT DATE AND EXACT TIME SLOT FOR EACH LESSON YOU ARE REQUESTING!   

STEP 3:  In this same email, please supply us with answers to the (8) questions listed below:

1. What is the student’s First and Last name?
2. What is the student’s Age and Gender?
3. What Grade and School does the student attend?
4. Throws/pitches:  righty or lefty?
5. Hits:  righty or lefty?
6. WHICH INSTRUCTOR do you prefer and WHICH DISCIPLINE?  (If the instructor offers multiple disciplines, please specify Which Discipline you prefer for each specific date).
7. What is your name and relationship to the student?
8. What is your phone number in case of emergency? 
Example Schedule Request Email from YOU:
1. Johnny Johnson
2. age 13 male
3. 7th grade at Miller Elementary School
4. Throws right
5. Hits right
6. Coach Rob Smith for hitting and fielding, Coach McGreevy for pitching, Coach Butler for catching
7. Mike Johnson, father
8. 785-222-1234 cell
Tentative Schedule request:
Mon 10/2: 6:00 hit Smith, 6:30 pitch McGreevy
Mon 10/9: 6:00 hit Smith, 6:30 pitch McGreevy
Mon 10/16: 7:00 field Smith
Tue 10/17:  6:00 pitch McGreevy
Mon 10/23: 6:30 field Smith
Tue 10/24:  6:30 pitch McGreevy
Mon 10/30: 6:00 pitch McGreevy, 6:30 hit Smith
Mon 11/6:  7:00 hit Smith
Tue 11/7:  6:30 pitch McGreevy
Wed 11/8:  8:00 catch Butler
Wed 11/15:  7:00 catch Butler
Wed 11/29:  6:30 catch Butler

Completing Registration:    Once we receive your email with the questionnaire answers and tentative schedule preferences, we will reply back with an “approved” lesson schedule and other details that will require your final approval.  (Note we will try to meet your instructor & schedule preferences as closely as we possibly can).  You will then reply back once more to confirm and approve the schedule and terms.  Then we’ll finalize the registration process (and email you the registration/waiver form)

Helpful Hints when putting together a tentative schedule from the calendar:
  • CHOOSE LESSON QUANTITY: You’ll need to choose how many lessons (lesson package or custom package) you want to reserve and then pick from our “OPEN” slots from the calendar. *lessons are typically scheduled once a week (you can choose as many lessons as you like from qty 1 to whatever!).
  • CHOOSE LESSON DISCIPLINE(S):  You’ll need to choose which discipline you are wanting for EACH LESSON:  (ie: hitting, pitching, fielding, catching, etc.)  *Note only one discipline per half-hour session is allowed.  If choosing more than one discipline and/or more than one instructor per package (ie: 5 hitting w/coach Smith, 5 pitching w/coach Sanchez), we prefer you stick with the same discipline/instructor at least 4 weeks in a row, if possible (but not mandatory if you’d like to alternate between hitting and pitching every other week for example).
  • CHOOSE YOUR INSTRUCTOR(S):  You’ll need to choose which instructor offers your choice of Discipline and pick which instructor’s Schedule works best for you:  Mon, Tue, or Wed.  *lessons are typically scheduled once a week and are subject to instructor availability.
  • CHOOSE FROM “OPEN” SLOTS:  You’ll need to choose which “OPEN” time slots on the instructor’s calendar you’re wanting to reserve.  Be precise on the Date and Time Slot to avoid scheduling delay!  Please try to pick the same time slot each week (but not mandatory and not always available)  *times may vary week to week due to instructor availability.
  • Email your questions or schedule preferences to and we’ll respond back ASAP!


QUESTIONS??  If you need help with scheduling, let us know!

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