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ALL SCHEDULING for trainings, lessons, clinics, and camps will be executed through the new Software and App

Upper Hand  

This software is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate!  All you have to do is create your new account, log in, click on the Event that you want to attend, and click purchase.  Current SBA students and members may have already received an email from Upper Hand to register the software.  Please take a few moments to create your new account and fill out your Student Registration Info.  Active students already on our lesson calendar can see Current Schedule and/or start booking new lessons.  If you didn’t receive the Upper Hand email notice, it’s not a problem because you can register next time you Schedule Lessons! 

To schedule with us, just click on the large red “SCHEDULE LESSONS” button on our web pages.



    • How do I Schedule a Lesson or Event with SBA?

Through the Upper Hand Software and Mobile App, you can easily sign up and pay for private lessons with all of our different instructors and disciplines.  The software/mobile app is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate!

Each Instructor and Discipline is considered a different “EVENT”, so you’ll have to book multiple “EVENTS” if you’re wanting more than one discipline and/or instructor.

1 – Click on “SCHEDULE LESSONS” button

— Click on any of the large red “SCHEDULE LESSONS” buttons that are scattered throughout our website and you will be directed to our EVENTS page. 

2 – Select Event

**Each Instructor and Each Specific Discipline is considered a separate EVENT.

Select the Event you would like to register (ie: Rob Smith — Hitting).

Select Purchase in the registration page of that event.

— At this point, you will be asked to Log In or Create a New Account.

Tip: Some events have the option to select different packages. If the event offers packages, select which package you would like to purchase.

3 – Select Profile (Attendee)

— Click an existing profile or add a new profile by clicking the “Select Profile” drop-down.

4 – Select Package

— Click “Select Package” to select that package of your desire

5 – Schedule Session(s)

— After selecting the package, click “Schedule Now”, Select Date of which you would like to attend training. Next Select Time of which you would like to train.

6 – Save Session

Tip: If you haven’t created a profile for your athlete, you have the option to create New Profile in the drop down menu.  You can also Add Another Attendee by clicking that text at the bottom.

— Repeat steps 5 and 6 to schedule multiple events. If you have multiple credits, but are unsure of the exact dates you want your athlete to attend, you are able to purchase the sessions and book them at a later date. 

7 – Continue to cart

— Select the green Continue to Cart button to continue to your shopping cart.

Tip: Some events may require you to Complete Registration before you can continue to payment. 

8 – Complete Payment

— Select Continue to Payment to select your payment method and purchase your event.  You choose to pay with Credit Card, Check, or Cash.  If choosing Check or Cash, we will email you an invoice with mailing/payment instructions.

You are also able to access all of this through our FREE Mobile App as well!  Available on both iOS and Android.  This makes it easy to schedule lessons on the go!

SBA understands days can get busy, so we have a cool new feature called Point of Sale. If you can’t make it to the computer or app on time, all you have to do is EMAIL us with Which Event, Which Date, Which Time Slot, and Method of Payment you prefer, and we can register online for you!   Again, ALL trainings, lessons, camps, clinics, etc. need to be scheduled in Upper Hand to help keep everything streamlined for you and the coaches!

  • Can I schedule and pay for Lessons or Events online or from my phone?

YES you can!  You can schedule and pay for all of our Lessons, Clinics, and Events right here from our website as the instruction above explain.  Just click on any one of the large red “SCHEDULE LESSONS” buttons that are scattered throughout our website.  From there, you will be directed to our Online Scheduling System powered by Upper Hand.  You are also able to access our Scheduling System through our Free Mobile App powered by Upper Hand as well! This makes it easy to schedule lessons on the go!

  • Can I book as many lessons as I’d like, with as many instructors and as many disciplines as I’d like?     

YES you can!  But, you will have to break these up into separate Bookings.  Our different Instructors and different Disciplines are categorized into separate “EVENTS”, so if you’re wanting multiple coaches and multiple disciplines, you’ll have to break up your lesson packages by Event. You can book multiple events in the same shopping cart.

For example, Rob Smith – Hitting is a separate event from Rob Smith – Fielding or Mike Hughes – Pitching, and so on.  Each Event has its own unique Package Pricing.  We offer single lesson, 2 lesson pack, 4 lesson pack, 6, 8, and 10 packs for each Event.  You CANNOT combine multiple events into one lesson pack, but you CAN combine multiple Events into one Shopping Cart purchase.

EXAMPLE:  You can choose a 4-pack for Rob Smith Hitting, a 6-pack for Mike Hughes Fielding, a 2-pack for Tony Shaw Pitching, and so on, all in the same Shopping Cart.  So, this example would be 12 lessons via 3 different “Events”, but all in the same Shopping Cart.   

  • Can I pay online with a Credit Card?

YES you can!  This new Online Scheduling System now offers secure online credit card processing.  We also accept Check or Cash payment.

  • Can I RESCHEDULE lessons through the Software/App?

YES you can!  See instructions below:

Rescheduling a Lesson

 If you had to Postpone a lesson, you will have an “Unscheduled” Credit to use.  Rescheduling a lesson works the same was as it would if you were scheduling your remaining lessons. 

  1. From our website (, you can click on any of the red “SCHEDULE LESSONS” buttons to get into our Online Scheduling System powered by UpperHand. 
  2. Navigate to the Specific Event that you need to Reschedule (ie: Rob Smith — HITTING). Click on the Event link. Then…
  3. Log into your SBA Upper Hand account and
  4. Click on Schedule Remaining. A side bar will pop out where you can reschedule your session or schedule your remaining sessions.













Advice and Answers from the Upper Hand Team:

Upper Hand has an evolving knowledge base and chat system that is designed to answer all of your questions. You can access both chat and help articles at
For any assistance or questions please click the green “Help” button in the bottom hand corner while in the platform or reach out to The customer success team at Upper Hand is always happy to help!

If you have additional questions, please let us know by sending an email to —

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