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Coach Rob Smith

Smith Baseball & Softball Academy: 

With a continued passion to develop youth to their full potential in Baseball, Softball and in Life — we introduce Smith Baseball & Softball Academy, a full service baseball and softball training academy based in Topeka, Kansas

We provide comprehensive, fully-integrated training programs that evolve and progress based on the best research and information available in areas from HITTING concepts and techniques, FIELDING and THROWING instruction, PITCHING for both BASEBALL and FAST-PITCH SOFTBALL, CATCHING instruction, training & conditioning, arm care and much more.  Age and skill specific programs are available for students ranging from ages 7 to adult, boys and girls. 

Smith Baseball & Softball Academy strives to provide students with the best possible instruction while instilling a love and respect for the game of baseball and softball through hard work, positive encouragement, and a dedication to our students.  We are committed to providing the highest level of quality baseball and softball instruction – the right way.  We believe in teaching in a positive environment and will strive to do our best to help each student maximize his or her potential.  SBA only employs High Character instructors — coaches that have a passion for investing time and effort into our students, passing on their knowledge and expertise in all aspects of baseball and softball.  And life.  All of our instructors have college and/or professional baseball or softball experience.

Our instruction instills fundamentals into young players, refines their overall ability, teaches the mental elements of the game and perhaps most importantly, creates confidence in a each player’s own ability.  For our older, more experienced students, we offer an opportunity to gain a better knowledge of the mental and physical aspects of the game and will help to apply these skills to their own game.  With our expertise in the biomechanics of baseball and softball, and advanced ability to evaluate a student , we will take even the most experienced/successful player to a higher level of performance.  Each student comes with their own unique style and skill-set, each with a different level of experience – our instruction will accommodate the unique differences of each individual.

Building up and Developing better youth through baseball and softball.  SBA lessons in Baseball, Softball, and in Life — the right way.


Smith Baseball Academy LLC has been selected for the 2016 Topeka Awards for Sports & Recreation Instruction


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