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“Rob Smith is an excellent teacher.  He has a wealth of experience and not only knows the technical aspects of baseball and softball but he explains and demonstrates proper hitting, throwing and fielding techniques in a way that students can understand and apply to their own game.”

Jack  (parent of Caitlin)

“Mike – Moving to Topeka, I promised myself that I’d get pitching lessons so that someday I could teach my children to pitch, and perhaps join a men’s league myself.  I was really excited when I Yahoo searched “pitching lessons Topeka” and found Smith Baseball Academy!  Mike, the pitching coach, has been phenomenal.  Every week he finds ways for me to improve my delivery;  I’m gaining accuracy and velocity with every session.  His easy-going and consistent approach makes it easy to overcome frustrations and focus on throwing each pitch correctly.  His baseball knowledge and attitude make him a very complete instructor for either kids or adults like me.”

Ian  (adult student)

“We would like to recognize both Katie Gregg & Mike Hughes for their efforts in providing Pitching instruction to our children. Noticeable improvements in both technique & self-confidence were realized in a short amount of time which is a direct reflection of Katie & Mike’s overall knowledge of their respective sports, along with their commitment to providing quality instruction. We definitely plan to attend additional sessions.”

Steve & Jennifer (parents of Jarred and Kristen)

“Rob – It was clear to me that you know your stuff when it comes to hitting.  However, what impressed me the most was how patient and thorough you are as a teacher.  You worked hard to find an approach, a method of communication, that was effective and made sense to my son, and you used a very positive and encouraging coaching style.   I certainly plan to use your services again this winter.”

Ron  (parent of Mark)

“I have been impressed with the amount of progress and improvement my son has had in his pitching ability after taking lessons from Kent Williamson.  Kent works very well with my 10 year old son.  He makes learning the correct mechanics fun and entertaining.  Kent is very patient and is always concerned with how my son comprehends what is being taught.  His coaching and teaching skills are excellent and really help build the pitcher’s confidence.  I would highly recommend Kent Williamson and Smith Baseball Academy.”

Don (parent of David)

“We wanted to mention how much we enjoyed the private batting lessons with Coach Aaron Becker.  His lessons were well organized and he always maintained a positive attitude, which is important when working with kids. Jack was a little nervous before the first lesson, but it didn’t take long for him to feel comfortable working with him. We saw a huge improvement in Jack’s swing. Thanks.”

Joey and Shelby (parents of Jack)


“We absolutely love Cara!  We have only been working with Cara for a couple of months and our daughter’s speed has tripled and she is really starting to show great form.  Cara is very patient and does a good job of keeping our daughter on track and making her work through her frustrations.  My daughter has become so confident about her pitching that she is actually improving in other areas of softball.  We absolutely love her and recommend her often.”

Ashley (parent of Cidney)

“I would like to thank Tony Shaw for the pitching instruction he provided to my U8 and U10 boys. Tony gives the boys the right amount of encouragement and instruction to keep them engaged in the workouts, and he gives me the right amount of science and research information so I can gage their progress and help them some myself at home.  My family had a much more enjoyable baseball experience last season because of the instruction we received from Tony.  The boys had more confidence and their attitude toward the game of baseball improved greatly.”

Chad (parents of Connor, Riley, Casey)

“We wanted to say a BIG Thank You to Mike Hughes for helping our son Hunter with pitching. Hunter lost some of his confidence over the last couple of years. We have had others work with him but he never seemed real interested. WOW did that change after the first night he worked with Mike. He honestly enjoyed showing up to work with him. Please let Mike know how grateful we are and we will be back!!!

Mike & Brooke  (parents of Hunter)

“Rob Smith is a great coach.  His vast knowledge of baseball is a great tool he uses to teach his students.  Going to the Smith Baseball Academy gave me an advantage over other players.  Because of Rob’s superb coaching skills, he was able to recognize and break down key areas that I needed to work on.  The lessons are fun and gave me a more confident approach at the plate.  I plan on taking lessons from Rob again before the high school season begins and would recommend him to anyone who needs help with baseball.”
Rick (student)

“Rob transformed our son’s swing in just a few short weeks. The results were obvious:  improved confidence at the plate with increased power.   Rob has an uncanny ability to connect with kids and instill the fundamentals and confidence needed to be a good hitter.  Rob is truly a gifted teacher of baseball fundamentals.  We could not be more pleased with our experience with the Smith Baseball Academy.  We look forward to working with Rob more in the off-season.”

Ryan & Angie (parents of Regan)

“Look the word “savvy” up in the dictionary.  That’s what Rob Smith has:  baseball savvy.  It is evident in the way he identifies problems then uses a step by step approach to help the student achieve their goal.  As the parents of 3 sons, we have thirty combined years of baseball under our belt.  My children have all had good coaches, but with 10+ boys on a team, have never had the professional one on one Rob has given them.  Not only have their games improved, but their confidence and baseball knowledge have increased as well.  I would, and have, recommended Rob to our friends.  It’s good having him in your corner!”
Rick & LeAnn (parents of Rick and Philip)

“We’ve been extremely pleased with Rob’s instruction.  In a short period of time, our 13-year-old son has developed a quicker, more compact, and powerful swing which will help him as he continues to play baseball.  Rob does a good job of communicating the things he learned that made him a successful professional player.  Rob provides great attention to detail and takes pride in making our son a better player.”

Matt  (parent of Brett)

“I had my 12 year old son spend several lessons with Rob.  It was a very productive experience.  Rob has a genuine knack for relating to the students and making the lessons fun and enjoyable.  The improvements in the swing for my son were tremendous.  It also helped his confidence knowing that he was learning from someone of Rob’s calibre.  We plan to attend additional sessions with Rob to help my son continue to develop as a baseball player.”

Steve  (parent of Devin)

“Rob – We were so happy that we found out about you!  We were amazed at what you had accomplished with our son, Conner, in such a short time!  You are a very positive person and the kids see that and it rubs off on them!  When you took the time to come over and wish Conner good luck on his game and not to be scared of the ball when he bats, it meant so much to us!  Not everyone would have done that, but you did!  That just shows what kind of a coach you are, dedicated and you actually do care about them!  Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done and will probably be doing in the future for him, we couldn’t have asked for a better coach!”

Art & Donna  (parents of Conner)

“Coach Rob helped my son make remarkable improvements in his hitting.  After taking a couple of years off from baseball, my son decided to play again.  He needed to be brought up to speed with his hitting and throwing to be competitive in the league.  He showed progress immediately in all areas and after two months of lessons, his hitting was solid and consistent.  It built his confidence and allowed him to make a valuable contribution to his team.  Rob is an excellent teacher.  He is patient, makes the lessons enjoyable and most important, he delivers results.  We will continue with the Smith Baseball Academy!”

Melissa  (parent of Hayden)

“Rob – I would like to thank you for working with Brayden over the last 6 weeks. Brayden and I were looking over some videotape that I had taken over this past summer of him at games and batting practice and it is just amazing how much different his hitting mechanics are now. You relate so well to kids and he thoroughly enjoys coming to work with you every week. You break it down in a way that kids can relate to. Your patience is exceptional. Thanks again for all that you have done and I look forward to you working with him some more over the winter.”

Larry  (parent of Brayden)




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